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Celebrating Scotland’s Industrial Heritage

Thursday 2 August 2018

What makes Scotland’s industrial heritage so special? Join our Head of Industrial Heritage, Miles Oglethorpe, to find out.

Talking Shops: Developing the Exhibition

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Stuart Kerr from Stuco Design explains how we created Talking Shops, an exciting new exhibition exploring Scotland’s historic shopfronts.

Masons and Merelles: A Pastime of the Past

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Sometime around the 13th century, two masons taking a break from working on Arbroath Abbey might have sat down to...

Intern Insights at Clackmannan Tower

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Our Technical Outreach and Education intern, Jen, tells us about her experience of our Clackmannan Tower Insight tour in 2017....

Restoring Renaissance Glory at Stirling Castle

Friday 3 February 2017

Stirling Castle's Royal Palace fell into disrepair, going from being a symbol of the Scottish crown’s enlightenment and international outlook, to a dilapidated army base. Discover how it was restored to some of its former glory.

Robert Burns and the Ruined Royal Residence

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Robbie Burns led a colourful life, full of different loves, lifestyles, and career changes. In the last few years of...